Cut the Cheese and Stop Your Wining

Food Pairings

If you’re having a fancy dinner party and want to impress the crowd, you cannot escape the inevitable wine and cheese plate. Next time, skip the wine - there’s a crafty, cherry-soaked solution out there straight from the heart of craft beer: Ft. Collins Brewing’s Kettle Soured Dark Cherry Imperial Red!

That’s a mouthful of a name that delivers a mouthful of balanced, dark fruity grace with hints of caramel, candied tartness. It’s a palate-cleanser on the level of a dusty bottle of Bordeaux, with enough hearty cherry notes to hold up to gouda, gruyere, and even the funkiest of the funky - gorgonzola and bleu!

This deep burgundy hued sipper doesn’t just stop at fromage - it makes a perfect base for a pan sauce or marinade! Serve with beef, or even better, gamier meats like duck, pheasant, or check out one for venison: http://fortcollinsbrewery.com/kettle-soured-dark-cherry-recipe/

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