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Food Pairings

IPAs are great with salty foods (think tater tots), charred meats, or even better - the fusion of the two with a fiery kick of spices, herbs, and mellowed with cream.

I’m talking Indian food here, folks. Karma, right? Or should I say...korma? For today’s pairing, I suggest O’so Brewing’s Hop Whoopin’ with a rich and spicy Butter Chicken. 95 IBUs of citrus peel bitter cuts right through the cream and buttery bright tomato to intertwine with this curry’s plethora of coriander, cinnamon, and clove enriched intensity.

Not only does this IPA powderkeg hold its own against such a strong dish, it amplifies Butter Chicken’s herbaceous and grilled meat character. That’s right - hops can play well with others. Folks that say you can’t pair a brash and bitter IPA with food are not only wrong, they should have their palates examined.

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