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Belgian Brûlée

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Allagash? More like, Alla-gasp! We’ve finally wrangled Allagash’s sacred stash of Belgian inspired brews, and one of the hardiest of all is their St. Klippenstein: A roasty, boozy Belgian Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels.

There’s one kind of dessert out there that can hold up to Klippenstein’s chocolately surge of 11% ABV and Trappist yeast complexity -- take a left turn in Europe and you’ll end up in France where you can get silky, crunchy crème brûlée.

The whiskey chocolate notes from the Stout swirl perfectly with custard’s eggy mouthfeel, vanilla sweetness, and the burnt sugar crust that sends Amelie into a tizzy. Heck - there’s no better sound than cracking that caramelized layer...unless it’s uncorking a 750ml bottle of one of the best Imperial Stouts in the land.

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