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Avery Brewing has stunned us for years for how they’re able to produce so many ultra smooth beers that exceed 15% ABV. With ten 240-barrel fermenter tanks and ten 720-barrel fermenter tanks, Avery has the brewing capacity to supply everyone in America with one of their high quality beers every 6 months. How do they do it!? Let’s take a tour of the brewery
and find out.

First step-- get it boozy… Like a multiphase space shuttle, Avery blasts off by cultivating a very healthy yeast culture in a several step process a separate. This powers up the yeast so it keeps making alcohol even when the ABV approaches 15%. They also use a special powerful Wyeast 3786 Trappist Belgian strain of yeast that’s built for very high ABV situations.


Photo: The yeast system at Avery Brewing.

Second step-- get it smooth… by using extreme cold crashing and centrifuges to separate out impurities. Highly automated cleaning and canning systems eliminate flaws all the way down the production line. Avery also extensively barrel ages many of their beers in a 4,200 barrel storage space smooths out the super high ABVs into super smooth notes, giving the highly volatile fusel alcohol flavors time to dissipate.

Avery’s limited release boozy beers aren’t complete without a highly unusual, oftentimes non-english name provided by a local multilinguist professor, Travis Rupp. Rupp is Avery’s Research and Development Manager, Beer Archaeologist, and an adjunct Classics lecturer at the University of Colorado Boulder. His titles do top quality Avery beers justice by transporting us to distant lands with their Tahitian, Latin, and Hawaiian names.


Photo: A tasty selection at the taphouse.

Avery doesn’t mess around with small scale test batches. Their methods are so sound they produce new beers in full scale 85 barrel batches for their taphouse and then poll their visitors to see if they should put it into production. When we visited we found they were looking to crank up the smoothness a notch by adding nitrogen to their beers. If you also want to be on the inside loop for Avery’s experimental future, just pop over to their Fort Collins taproom to see what they have on tap!

Written by Neal Yurick


Photo: The Tavour team visiting Avery!

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