Independence Matters

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We recently decided to return a LOT of beer back to Wicked Weed Brewing because of what we stand for - independent breweries and independent beer. Wicked Weed had just sent some of their most sought after beers to Tavour when the acquisition was announced. As a fan of well-made beer, returning it was not an easy decision to make. However, for Tavour, it was a choice as clear as day. How to think about craft and independent beer hasn't...

cloud·burst ˈkloudˌbərst/ noun: a sudden, violent rainstorm

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The hype around the craft beer playground known as Cloudburst Brewing is well deserved — it might even be understated. They’re crafting flavors that dig into your memory cells and refuse to leave. Case and point from some past notable beers : -Two Scoops: a complex Brown that actually tasted like a bowl of cinnamon raisin bran all the way down to the trademark sugared raisins (our photographer called it comfort food beer). -Darkenfloxx: a glazed chocolate donut swirling inside creamy...

Party like it’s 1986

Beyond the Bottle

Step aside, American IPA... the real first style of craft beer is the American Brown Ale. One of the first craft brews on the market in 1986, Pete’s Wicked Ale added extra hops to a light bodied Northern English Brown base (think Newcastle), creating a new style that would define the craft beer scene for the next decade. Enter Pelician Brewing. When they first started in 1996, the Brown Ale was still hugely important and their first big success...

Class, Laughs, and Beer in a Glass

Featured Breweries

Recently we took a road-trip down to visit pFriem Family Brewers fine establishment in Gorge-ous Hoodriver, Oregon - there we were given one of the best brewery tours of our lives. Our guide: Matt Kotwasinski greeted us with Will Ferrell-like energy and enthusiasm (feeling the music, he even busted-out some sweet dance moves for us). Even though the taproom was packed with patrons, he poured us fresh beers the moment we shook his hand. Our Tavour squad got to try...

IPA of Past Futures

Beyond the Bottle

Three years ago, Breakside Brewing anticipated the West Coast IPA trends toward a lighter malt bill and huge citrus flavor would continue. To jump ahead of the trend, they partnered with another jetsetting hop guru at Ninkasi to make a beer that takes these two properties to their extreme. Their result was their zesty Mosaic and El Dorado Hopped India Golden Ale. In a way Breakside was right, beers did get more citrus character, but it wasn’t due to...