Does Canada Even Brew Good Beer?

Beer News

When people think Canadian beer, they think... what do they think? Canadian beer for the most part has a reputation for being safe, brewing traditional styles like Lagers and Pale Ales with traditional beer names like Lager and Pale Ale. Boring. Basically Canada has a beer reputation for not really having much of a beer reputation at all. Flash-forward to September 2017 at the Great Canadian Beer Festival aka GCBF -- the Canadian brewers representing at this years fest completely...

My Favorite Beer Bar in Seattle

Misc Musings

Seattle has a lot of good bars. Scratch that -- a lot of great bars. We’re at the head of the cocktail scene and the top of the beer game, and it shows in our local watering holes. But my favorite Seattle drinking spot is a small, triangular old beer bar called The Stumbling Monk. When I was in college and knew absolutely nothing about beer, I stumbled on this quiet bar. I was intimidated by the beer styles...


Misc Musings

We know beer is an art form. But in the wild world of contemporary art, it’s rare to see a beer next to all the video pieces and installations. One artist, however, turned to our favorite alcoholic beverage to make a political and artistic statement this year. Emeka Ogboh, a Nigerian multidisciplinary artist who mostly works in sound, took direct aim at the German purity laws regarding beer that mandate beer be brewed exclusively with hops, malts, and water....

3 Beers To Drink With Your Hedgehog

Tavour’s latest fan is a very special being: Garbanzo the hedgehog. Garbanzo loves to hang out and crack open a cold one with me (her mom) and often helps me identify some of the more obscure tasting notes.* *Do NOT give hedgehogs, or any animal, beer. Beer is for humans. Adult humans. Although Garbo loves many different styles, she’s definitely got a few favorites. Here are three of the best beers to drink with your hedgehog! Hedgehogs feature...

Anchor’s Away...Far Away

Misc Musings

I’m not crying, there’s just Anchor Steam fogging up my glasses. Just give me a minute…. One of my favorite go-to brews from one of the oldest breweries in America finally did the unthinkable to independent craft. Anchor Brewing has sold out. I can’t even imagine a trip to San Francisco or a summer weekend party without going through at least a dozen pints of Anchor Steam’s honey-drizzled and noble-hoped Amber goodness. I mean, they’ve...

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