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5 Things Homebrewing Taught Me About Beer


There's a huge difference between brewing mediocre beer and brewing good beer. Next time you sip, pay attention to these 5 key factors that distinguish quality suds. Brewing beer is actually very easy. Warm up some water, add malt, hops, and yeast and then wait a few weeks and you’ll have some sort of beer. However, making good beer is a different story entirely. If you try your hand at homebrewing and you’ll likely discover a new appreciation...

Introducing Tavour Beer Buddies #005: Fremont Thunder Kitty Hazy IPA

Beer News

We look to one of our favorite Seattle breweries -- Fremont Brewing -- to deliver the juicy, hoppy haze. If you’re familiar with the famous Youtube video Nyan Cat, you can begin to understand our high-flying glee when, after almost a year of begging, the brewers at Fremont finally created a beer exclusively for the Tavour community. Let us proudly present: THUNDER KITTY HAZY IPA! If you’re in Washington, join us at Fremont’s Urban Beer Garden Wednesday,...

Kansas City: Beer, Beer on the Plains


Kansas City isn’t just about BBQ -- it’s blossoming with new craft breweries everyday. My good friend and craft connoisseur Paul chronicles his adventures through the KC beer scene. The More You Know: Kansas City is not in Kansas. It’s in Missouri. Kansas City has the best BBQ (sorry, Texas), the best football fans (sorry, Seattle), and the best (and only) national monument to WWI (the Liberty Memorial). I’m not biased -- I was just born...

Navigating the World of Brewery Location, Location, Location

Misc Musings

In the craft beer universe, brewery location matters. But if you move into a space formally occupied by another brewery, will you be plagued by a "hangover" from the brewers that came before you? In the blisteringly hot real estate market of Portland, Oregon, it can be hard to stay in the same location for long. Even in this beer-crazy city, breweries are not immune from the impact of increasing rents, changing tastes and unpredictable cash flows. Even well-received breweries...

It’s Personal: The Business of Family-Run Breweries


Live together, work together, drink together! Why family-run breweries choose a life of beer! As the daughter of entrepreneurs, I am delighted every time Tavour signs a new craft brewery that’s run by families. My sisters, parents, and I all work for the family coffee shop, so I know how fulfilling -- and irritating -- a family-run enterprise can be. This is the introduction to the “It’s Personal” series of interviews with our family-run breweries -- The Good...

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