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Gorgeous Beer in the Gorge

This past weekend our friends at Double Mountain Brewery - in the majestic waterfall laden Columbia River Gorge an hour east of Portland, Oregon, celebrated their tenth anniversary of brewing region defining beers. It was a non-stop party all weekend long with live bands, delicious wood fired pizza,...

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Behind the Beer

Service Brewing - Old Guard www.servicebrewing.com Veteran owned and operated Service Brewing from Savannah, Georgia is fully committed honoring service men and women. Not only do they regularly donated to related causes, but also recognizes the US Military in the names of their beers. Their Old...

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Behind the Bottle

Sweetwater features a special type of hop they called Hop-hash to add an extra bitter kick in their ‘20’ Anniversary Imperial IPA. Hop-hash also goes by the name Type 45 hops because it represents concentrated hops with 45% of the mass of the original hop flowers. In the...

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