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get tavour beer money for your bday!

Don't know how to ask?!

Give us the emails of friends and family.

When your birthday rolls around, we will send them an email with a nudge to the best present of all - a Tavour gift card.

Cause we know what you really want and now they will too ;) No more pretending that you didn’t just want a Tavour gift card.
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How it works

Fill out the form linked above with your birthday and up to 5 email addresses of the friends or family you’d like to get involved.
2 weeks before your bday, we will send each of your contacts a separate email letting them know what the perfect present for you would be this year!
The email will link them to our Tavour Gift Card site and they can take it from there!
Enjoy your birthday AND all your new beer money :)
Get Beer Money
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